Winter 2021 Causebox Review

I always look forward to receiving my quarterly causebox and this one was no different! I was particularly excited about the Cozy Cloud Cardigan, Marble Coasters and Beauty pillowcase. All of these exceeded my expectations!

Cozy Cloud Cardigan @threadandsupply ($115)

This was a choice product between a stovetop kettle. I'm really happy I went with the cardigan as it is super soft and warm. I think it will be the perfect gift for my mom! I tried it on and it fits really well.

Silicone Baking Sheets @activatedeco ($18)

This was a choice product between reusable ziplock bags. I've wanted silicone baking mats for some time and am excited to give these a try. I love the green pastel and blue pastel colours as well. They are so cute!

Truffle Face Toner @skinandco ($30)

This felt like a bit of a random add to the winter box. I think a nice hand or body cream would have been more fitting for winter. It looks like a nice product, but would have made more sense for spring or summer.

Marble Coasters @zealliving ($42)

This was a multi-choice product between hoop earrings and a body scrub. I'm so happy I went with the coasters are they are very classy. All 4 are slightly different, but still very well made. It would have been nice if they came with a holder, but oh well!

Beauty Pillowcase @ettitudestore ($25)

This was a choice product with slouchy socks. I love socks, but the colour on this pillow case was just too pretty. Would have been nice if they came in a set of two though as having just one pillowcase makes for a strange look on a queen bed. It is meant for travel, however I'll be giving it a try right away!

Peony Foot Masks @soonskincare ($45)

This was a choice product with an agenda. As I already have two agendas, it just made sense I went with the foot masks. Prior to my allergic reaction last week, I was very excited to try these. Given the reaction, I am a little nervous and might hold on to these for a bit. They have 5 masks, so it's a great gift to share!

Overall, I paid $73.75 for this box and the total value is $275 USD. I'll be keeping 3 products for myself - the coasters, baking sheets and pillowcase ($110 CAD value) and giving 3 away - the cardigan, toner and foot masks. The skincare products in the Causebox are generally pretty excellent and i haven't had any issues with them before, but given my unknown allergy I think it's best I give them away for now.

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