Selling on Poshmark - Getting Started!

Poshmark is a buying and selling social app/website. What makes Poshmark unique is that you don't need to arrange the sale with the buyer and that you get access to a much larger market - across your whole country.

I started selling on Poshmark in August last year and have sold 27 items to date. If you don't like the hassle of selling on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist, Poshmark is a great option that doesn't require coordinating with the buyer.

How does Poshmark work? This part took me a while to figure out. You take photos of your items and list them on the platform with a description and price. If a buyer purchases your item, you are emailed a mailing label. You print the label, pack up your item and take it to the post office. The buyer is responsible for shipping.

This sounds to good to be true! I thought so too. However, Poshmark does take a cut of what you sell. For items sold under $20, they take a flat $3.95 fee and for items over $20, they take a 20% cut. Listing items under $10 doesn't yield much a profit, so listing above that is recommended!

Interested in buying or selling on Poshmark? Use my code SHYSNEWCLOSET for $15 off your first purchase! Either download the poshmark app or sign up at

Stay tuned for next week, where I'll share tips and tricks to get your items to sell faster on Poshmark!