Merry Christmas!!

What a year we have had. I don't think any of us expected 2020 to go as it did. This Christmas will be one for the record books - the one where all celebrations were cancelled. I saw a quote recently that said "Merry Christmas", but had merry crossed out and "good enough" added in. I think that describes this year perfectly - the good enough Christmas.

I sent as many Christmas cards as I could, made as many ornaments and gift baskets as I had time to and tried to get in a couple Christmas movies to relax. I have to be honest though, I haven't felt very festive. Christmas has always been a time of gathering, seeing friends and family and reconnecting with those we haven't seen as much as we would like. This year, we haven't really seen anyone and it feels very overwhelming to reach out to such a long list of people.

The two movies I caught were Home Alone and Home Alone 2. I actually don't think I've ever seen either one! I also had a lot of recommendations to see National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. It seems to be a fan favourite, but I've never heard of it! Die Hard was the one I watched today. There are so many great classic movies!

I hope you are having a good Christmas. Indulge a little extra because this year has been super tough. Hoping for more of a normal 2021 and hopefully a regular Christmas next year!