Making the Most of 2021

Just like that we are at the end of January! Where did the time go? 2020 was a challenging year and the start of 2021 has been no different. A delayed vaccine roll-out, extended emergency order and additional isolation/lockdown measures have made 2021 feel a lot like 2020. Hopefully, things we are able to see others again this spring. In the meantime, these are some things we can do to get ourselves in order to prepare for a return to normal.

  1. Reflect back on 2020 - when were you the happiest? What were your favourite moments? There must have been some things that went well.

  2. Complete an unfinished project. I spent the beginning of this year organizing my entry. It's not complete yet, but it feels so good to walk into a functional space.

  3. Clean out your email inbox/files on your computer. It's amazing how quickly emails, drafts and documents can accumulate. There might be a useful old gem in there!

  4. Reconnect with an old friend or colleague. This past year has been tough for many. A kind message can make a huge difference in someone's day.

  5. Book your self-care/medical appointments for the year ahead - doctor, dentist, optometrist, paramedical practitioners, hair cut etc

  6. Make a list of the items you would love to buy this year and start saving now. This way when a sale pops up, you are prepared and ready to purchase.

  7. Sell, discard or give away items around your home that you aren't using. Extra clutter not only makes our physical space messy but can cloud our mind and energy too.

  8. Make a plan to use up any coupons or gift-certificates once restaurants, spas and stores re-open.

  9. Update your resume for when the economy picks up so you are ready for your dream job or next career.

  10. Set some goals for 2021. Bring forward things you wanted to achieve in 2020 and make a list of new things you would like to try or learn.

Life may not return to normal this year, but it should in 2022. Anything we can do now to give ourselves a head start for then, our future self will only thank us!