Makeup Must Haves for the Regular Girl (Beginner, minimalist, starter kit)

The makeup world has become so complex. There are so many brands and even more types of products. How do you know what you really need and what is just marketing? Most makeup tutorials contain contouring, highlighter, bronzer, expansive eyeshadow collections, false lashes and so much more. It can be overwhelming. I've broken down what's actually useful for an everyday makeup routine, what's for special occasions and what's just a ploy for your money.

Where should you buy your makeup?

You can get makeup at so many places - the drugstore (London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore), department stores (The Bay, Nordstrom) as well as makeup specialty stores (Sephora, Brand Retailers). Some items are better to buy at specific places. As we cover each item, I'll tell you the best place to buy them!

Makeup Basics - What is actually useful and where to buy it!

  • Foundation (department/beauty speciality so you can get matched!)

  • Mascara (drugstore)

  • Eye Liner (drugstore)

  • Blush (drugstore)

  • Lipstick/Lip gloss (drugstore)

  • Eyeshadow (department/beauty specialty - better quality pigments and more choice!)

  • Eyebrow Pencil (drugstore)

Foundation helps even skin tone and provides protection from the elements. It comes in powder, mousse, gel and liquid forms ranging from light to full coverage. I prefer a full coverage foundation because it provides the most bang for your buck! It lasts much longer and you can thin out coverage with moisturizer.

Mascara, eyeliner, blush and lipstick are the staples that have been around for some time. Mascara helps lengthen the lashes and adds fullness. Eyeliner helps define the eye and blush adds colour to the face. Lipstick adds colour to the face and completes the look. All four of these can be bought from the drugstore.

Selecting an eyeshadow palette that has neutral, bold and sparkly colours allows versatility when putting together makeup looks. You can easily change up a simple workday routine for a night out by adding a bit more eyeliner and a darker eyeshadow shade. If buying from the drugstore NYX is the best brand there for pigment, however, if it's within your budget, this is one that is worth purchasing a drugstore or speciality makeup store. Urban Decay, Huda Beauty and Ciate are all great brands that provide high pigment products.

An eyebrow pencil has been life changing for me, but I didn't use one before. I think it's nice to have to add some colour and definition, however, all the other items mentioned provide a bit more value. If it's within your collection scope, it's great to add one!

Nice to Have

  • Contour

  • Highlight

  • Eye brow gel

Contouring has become really popular through the Kardashians. It adds dimension to the face and provides the illusion of bone structure. Usually, a light foundation colour like a concealer (2-3 shades lighter) would be used in addition to a dark foundation colour usually 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. There are many contour powder kits as well that would usually provide these shades in addition to a highlight. These items get into more advanced makeup and there are many tutorials online that can show you how to apply these products.

Highlighter is a usually a very light powder or liquid shimmer that is applied on the high points of your face like at the top of cheekbones and the bridge of the noise to provide brightness. It's a nice to have and can often be found in contour kits.

Eye brow gel is a personal favourite that helps keep stray eyebrow hairs in place. It's nice to have to also keep eyebrow colour in place if using an eyebrow pencil. It's really nice to have and I've found it to be very helpful. Some people even use the clear gel as a light mascara.

Not Really Needed

There are so many additional products that you can add to your routine.

  • Bronzer (sun tanning look)

  • Setting powder/Setting spray (great for oily skin or heavy makeup looks)

  • Primer (great for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, oily skin)

  • Lip liner (not really needed anymore as lipsticks are very good quality and don't bleed)

  • False lashes (my preference is lash extensions - last longer and the glue doesn't touch the skin)

  • Many eyeshadow pallets (usually one good pallet does the trick!)

Check out my youtube video for more details:

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