La Mer - $400 face cream?! Am I crazy?

I've been eyeing this face cream for some time and was finally able to get my hands on some. Is it worth the $435 price tag at Sephora? Let's find out!

La Mer is a brand owned by Estee Lauder. It was created by Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist after he experienced burns in a lab incident. Somehow, he decided to ferment sea kelp from Vancouver Island with a combination of other not mentioned ingredients to create "Miracle Broth" which is a cell renewing elixir. Max created this product in 1981 and it was purchased by Estee Lauder in 1995. The original formula has been modified quite a bit since Max created it so many years ago. He used to produce the batches based on astrological charting and now Estee Lauder produces it as needed.

So what is this super expensive moisturizing soft cream supposed to do? The main function is to heal dryness and the "softening" component is to help fine lines and wrinkles soften. Based on the description, it almost sounds like photoshop for your face.

There is a full process to apply the soft cream to unlock the benefits of the miracle broth. The first step is to take a small amount within your fingers to warm it so it turns somewhat translucent. After that you are able to press it into your skin with your finger tips. Rubbing and massaging is not recommended and can damage the active particles in the cream.

The Miracle Broth contains a plethora of ingredients including sea kelp, calcium, magnesium, potassium, lecithin, iron, Vitamins, C, E, B12, citrus, eucalyptus, wheat germ, alfalfa and sunflower oils that undergo biofermentation. The fermentation process takes 3 to 4 months. Through this process scientists play special sound effects to help the ingredients activate.

The cream goes through these extents to reverse the clock and give you baby soft skin. In my experience using my sample size, I did find my skin to be very hydrated and much softer, however, I didn't find the results to be amazing enough to justify the very high price tag. There are very good products out there that provide very similar hydrating benefits for much less. Have you tried the iconic la mer cream? What was your experience with it? Let me know on instagram @shylareviews