February Holiday Weekend - Thoughts & Ramblings

This weekend is the most holiday filled weekend. We have Chinese New Year - the year of the Ox on Friday, Galentines day on Saturday, Valentines day on Sunday and Family day on Monday. It's been really hard not seeing family and friends over the last 4 months. The new variant strains of the covid-19 virus are really scary, but mentally and emotionally, it's really hard to not celebrate with our loved ones. Especially because we missed so many holidays.

On a positive note, we have our first snow in almost a year in the city today. It brings me so much joy to see snow. I've wanted to enjoy it for a while and it feels like my wishes have come true. In a time when we are running out of things to look forward to, this was just the right time!

In one month, it will be a year since the covid-19 lockdown began. I don't think any of us thought it would go on this long. Mentally, I've really struggled with not having family gatherings, not going into work physically and not seeing our friends. I feel like we are working much harder and longer virtually, with fewer breaks and opportunities for connection. I also think there is a lot of pressure to do more and be more productive in our personal lives during this period. It can feel very overwhelming at times.

I think a key to surviving this period and continuing to have joy and happiness is having small things to look forward to each day, slowing down and enjoying the moment. Some things I'm really looking forward to are eating a packet of gummy snacks every other day, watching hells kitchen once a week and playing fishdom on my phone. These are super small things and in the grand scheme of life, they will easily be forgotten, but on the daily happiness level, they bring me a lot of joy.

I'm working on finding larger things to plan and look forward to. For example, taking a virtual calligraphy class, going snowshoeing and buying some new workout clothes. I think bringing activities back into life makes it exciting, especially when we can see our loved ones.