Fall Skincare Routine

Fall is usually my favourite time of year. This year thought, I'm actually quite sad that summer is over. It feels like we hardly had one and are now back to grey skies, cooler weather and rain. I'm slowly transitioning out of summer and starting to make some changes to my routines for the new season starting with skincare!

Morning Skincare

  • Step 1: Cleanse - I have a few cleanser samples I'm looking to use up and I find the morning is the best time to do that. Currently, I'm using the Dr. Brandt Ph balance cleanser. It's a bit harsh for my dry skin and the texture/colour (gooey grey/green) are a bit off-putting for me. The full size is pricy at $44. Once I finish this up, I'll start using the Vanicream cleanser both day and night.

  • Step 2: Serum - I've been using the Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum for a couple weeks now. This is my first time using a vitamin C serum and I'm interested in seeing the impact. I won't be repurchasing this one though. It's very sticky and doesn't really absorb. The full size is $105 and I haven't seen enough value to pay that price.

  • Step 3: Moisturize - The Tatcha water cream has been my summer moisturizer of choice. I love the texture, scent and feel of this cream. Although I have dry skin, it still seems to work well in my routine. The cream is designed for normal to oily skin. A 50ml jar retails for $89. Sephora currently has a 300 point reward combo where you can try it for free!

  • Step 4: Eye cream - I've started using eye cream fairly recently and still haven't found one I absolutely love. The origins ginzing refreshing eye cream is one I'm hoping to finish off in the next few weeks. It retails for $43. It's a soft, pink shimmery colour that is supposed to help hide eye bags and de-puff. The texture is on the thick side.

  • Step 5: Sunscreen - I purchased the SuperGoop sunscreen as soon as it became available in Canada. It is the best face sunscreen I've ever used! Blends so well into the skin, doesn't leave a white cast or make my skin oily. Most sunscreens make me feel greasy and gross, but this one has been great the whole summer. It's on my holy grail list!

Evening Skincare: cleanser, serum, face oil, moisturizer, eye cream

  • Step 1: Cleanse - I picked up the Vanicream gentle cleanser from Amazon for $12 last week and I'm so happy I did. It's a fraction of the cost of the cleansers I've been using in the past and works just as well. I originally wanted the Cerave hydrating facial cleanser, but it's always sold out at my local drugstore. Will have to try that one next time.

  • Step 2: The Grace and Stella hyaluronic acid hydrating serum came in my summer causebox and I've been using it for a month now. I like that it's so light and refreshing. I feel it's a bit too light now that we are heading into fall and might have to change it out as we get in to November. It retails for $26.

  • Step 3: I've been adding drops of the Malin + Goetz recovery oil to my skincare routine as needed. It smells so good and on extra dry days, I appreciate the additional hydration. This is a super pricey product at $105 at Sephora. It came in one of my previous causeboxes and I started using it at the beginning of summer. You might be able to find one on Facebook marketplace for cheap! I bought a 2nd bottle for $20 there.

  • Step 4: Night cream - The Fresh Lotus Preserve face cream is another holy grail product for me. I've been using this cream for several years and this is at least my 5th jar of product. It's very light and moisturizing, but at the same time absorbs really well and is perfect for night time. Even though I've been using it for so long, I still get the same refreshing feeling every time I apply it! I do find it a bit heavy for summer, but it is perfect for fall/winter and early spring. It retails for $63.

  • Step 5: Eye cream - I picked up a trial size of the Tatcha Silk Peony eye cream as one a 100 point reward in my last Sephora order. I love the cute little jar and am still getting a feel for the product. It's a bouncy, mousse like texture and definitely on the thicker side. It might be a bit too thick for me, but only time will tell. The full size retails for $78.

That is my 10 product skincare routine for now. I'm doing a lot of reading and research on skincare and will likely modify this routine again as I find better products and see how my skin reacts to new products. If you like skincare, connect with me on Instagram @shylareviews Would love to hear from you!