Fall 2020 Causebox Review

My fall causebox arrived earlier this week! It has 6 items, which is one fewer than the summer box. However, one item (bamboo cutting board) does have two extra pieces. This was a unique box as it had 4 choice products! I feel like this box had a good variety of home and personal care items as well as really good choices between the choice products. The choice products are available for annual subscribers and quarterly subscriber will get random products assigned.

Choice Products

  • Basil plant seeds or Reusable Cotton Rounds

  • Bathen robe or set of 4 towel set

  • Tea tumbler or lantern

  • De-stress muscle gel or face scrub or cuff bracelet

In every box

  • Core bamboo serving set (cutting board, wooden spoon and tongs)

  • Vitamin C Serum

I wasn't originally too excited about the fall box, but after unboxing everything, my opinion has changed. Most of the items have exceeded my expectations and I am really looking forward to using them!

Reusable Cotton Rounds from The Green Co - Retails for $10

The box is super cute and is packaged very well. The cotton rounds are quite large. One side is super soft and the other side feels very much like a baby wash cloth. It comes in a mesh bag with a draw string that can be thrown into the wash. I am looking forward to testing out the rounds to see how they wash and if it is an effective solution to disposable cotton rounds.

Waffle Bath Robe from Bathen - Retails for $90

This was definitely the most anticipated item in the fall box. I'm familiar with the waffle material and didn't have very high expectations for the robe. It's actually much nicer than I thought it would be. There were some loose threads and it did arrive quite wrinkled, but overall it's not bad.

Tea Tumbler from Tease Tea - Retails for $39

The tumbler definitely exceeded my expectations. It was packaged with bubble wrap and the bottle came in a cup cozy as well. It's insulated and has a rubber seal to prevent leakage. Looking forward to getting some use out of this one during the work week!

De-stress Muscle Gel from Aromatherapy Associates - $39

Many years ago I worked at a spa and this was a brand we sold. The gel was a bit more of a liquid, but still quite high quality. It smells delicious with hits of rosemary and black pepper and feels very nice on the skin. It was the one product I was looking forward to and am not disappointed.

Bamboo Serve Set from Core Bamboo - $35

This was another one I was looking forward to. However, when I took a look in my cupboard, I realized I already have quite a few wooden cutting boards. I think this will make a nice holiday gift though!

Face Brightening Serum from Way of Will - $37

The serum is arrived in a punchy orange box with very minimal labelling. It claims to brighten the skin, lighten dark spots, help produce collagen and more. It smells a lot like prunes and is a very bright yellow/orange colour. I'm really curious to see if it works, as it comes at a very good price point.

Total cost $73.75 CAD. Total value of products $250. Overall, I'm quite pleased with this Causebox. I think they are stepping up their game to get more versatile and rounded products in the Causebox. They have a promotion right now, where I can gift you a free PMD Microderm tool worth $159 for signing up. You can sign up here to get one: https://www.talkable.com/x/X6hbU5

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