Cleanser Dupe! $12 vs $50

I've been on the hunt this year to find the best cleanser for dry/normal skin. Most gentle cleansers don't remove any makeup and still end up being drying. These two were another story! I've used the Fresh Soy Cleanser for years, but didn't love the $49 price tag. I was browsing Amazon one day and came across the Vanicream Cleanser. At just $12 it seemed like a steal. This brand is also available at Walmart and the cleanser is slightly cheaper there. After doing some research, I realized it could be a dupe for the Fresh cleanser. Not completely sold on my hypothesis, I put them both to the test!

Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser - $12 on Amazon

Vanicream started in 1975 by pharmacists. It's a brand that isn't readily available at all drugstores yet and mostly in the US. Their products don't contain dyes, fragrances, parabens or other common chemical irritants. They specialize in making skincare products for those with sensitive skin who may have issues with regular products.

The cleanser is soap and oil free and great for those with eczema. It comes in a pump bottle and the consistency is more of a liquid. It's a great size and has almost 90ml more than the Fresh cleanser. It's definitely better value for price.

Soy Fresh Cleanser - $49 at Sephora

This is a cult classic cleanser that claims to melt away makeup (including eye makeup), remove impurities and tone. I've used this cleanser for years and do like it quite a lot. It's very pricey though at $49 for 150ml. Fresh is a clean beauty brand that doesn't test on animals and doesn't contain parabens and sulfates. It's ideal for sensitive skin.

It contains soy proteins which have amino acids, cucumber extract, borage seed oil and rosewater. The consistency is a bouncy gel and it smells really good. It's very lightly fragranced. The bottle is easy to open, is compact and stands nicely. A tube of this size would last about 3 months with daily use.

I tried both cleansers with a full face of makeup with a double cleanse. I was quite impressed that they were both able to remove makeup. Gentle cleansers often don't do that and a cream or foam based cleanser can be better. In terms of cleansing and removing makeup, both cleansers did a great job and one wasn't better than the other. The differences are really in the type of product. The Fresh Soy Cleanser is more of a gel, has a light, pleasant fragrance and comes in a tube. The Vanicream cleanser is a liquid and although unscented does have a strong chemical scent. The pump style bottle is great for the shower.

In summary, both cleansers are designed for sensitive skin and would be suitable for all skin types. I have dry skin and feel both cleansers are gentle enough for daily use. They both removed makeup well and cleansed well as well. The differences really come down to personal preference factors. All in all, I found it to be a really good dupe and will be repurchasing the Vanicream for sure. For $12 and free returns, you just can't go wrong: