My 4 Favourite Podcasts

Inspiration, positive vibes, growth and learning. These 4 have it all!

I got into #podcasts several years ago. I was an avid radio listener and when my trusty 20 year old alarm clock broke down, I had to move on to other listening platforms. My podcast tastes have changed tremendously and in my list of top 4, I guarantee there will be one that you find interesting as well.

Lewis Howes and The School of Greatness

#Lewishowes has been building his self-help empire for the last 10 years. #theschoolofgreatness focuses on unlocking your potential and reaching your highest goals and aspirations. Lewis picks guests who are making a huge impact in their respected knowledge areas and asks engaging and probing questions to get all the details. He also encourages his audience to provide feedback on content through social media. Even with a million plus followers, you will get a response if you tweet him or comment on one of his instagram posts. It's always an inspirational listen and gets me motivated for the week.

Lauryn and Michael Bossnick in The Skinny Confidential His and Hers

I came across #theskinnyconfidential a couple years ago and was blown away by Lauryn's candor and honestly regarding life and things that people normally aren't so frank about. I really appreciate hearing her perspective on topics in a time when people normally cover up the not so pretty parts of life. The His and Hers podcast provides a refreshing take on personal growth, development and learning. Lauren and Michael seek out the best beauty experts, entrepreneurs and self-help gurus and ask very direct questions.

Jay Shetti and On Purpose

#Onpurpose provides a spiritual outlook towards personal development. Jay combines eastern teachings from his time as a monk with western society and daily life. He interviews a wide range of professionals from doctors to athletes to spiritual gurus and ties everything back to the core reasons they occur. He also spends a good amount of time on mental health and overcoming emotional and mental struggles and barriers. He also wrote and narrated an excellent book called "Think like a monk". This was my transformative read of 2020 and I highly recommend it!

Afford Anything with Paula Pant

#Affordanything takes a step away from personal growth and focuses on money and finances. Paula came from humble beginnings in Nepal and managed to build a real estate empire allowing her to retire fully from her regular 9 to 5 job. Her feat is even more amazing because she did it in her 20s, while earning a very low to modest salary. Paula interviews a wide range of guests in the finance space. She also answers reader questions and provides real estate investing courses. I like her philosophy because it's very achievable for anyone who wants to pursue a similar path, or even improve their current financial situation a bit.

There are so many great podcasts out there but these four are my absolute favourite and ones I've been listening to for a while. I love the effort all of these creators put into their content and how they all respond to feedback from listeners and look for the best guests.